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If you are planning an M&A spree you will ostensibly need 3 groups of people ...

Group1 - who find, appraise, negotiate, acquire businesses as part of M&A acquisition process. These people will look at businesses differently to those who simply operate the business. Like a mechanic will look at a car differently to a driver.

Group2 - who post-acquisition integrate people, products, services, technology, legal, marketing etc. These people have the design template for how each acquisition should be integrated and a 90 day plan (?) for implementation .

Step 1 - Assemble the Project Team
Step 2 - Understand the Strategy
Step 3 - Review the Products and Services
Step 4 - Review the Support, Partners and Suppliers
Step 5 - Review the Organisation Structure
Step 6 - Review the Company Structure
Step 7 - Prepare the Service Teams
Step 8 - Communications
Step 9 - Culture and Process Change
Step 10 - Review and Migrate the Customers, Products and Services

See https://adaptconsultingcompany.blogspot.com/2020/12/a-guide-to-business-integrations.html

Group3 - who run day-to-day business after all the post-acquisition integration complete and following standard policies, processes, procedures etc.

The role, skills, qualifications, thinking and time-horizon of each are quite different. As consultants we can help with the design, as project managers with the delivery, and as coaches we can support the people.

Tim HJ Rogers
MBA Management Consultant + Change Practitioner
ICF Trained Coach IoD Business Mentor
Mob 447797762051 Tim@AdaptConsultingCompany.com

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