Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Business Analysis and Procurement for the replace for business operations database (controlling processes, customer, suppliers, information and billing)

ROLE:Business Analysis / Consultancy

ISSUES:The Ports Operational Database is used for sharing critical information both internally (such as slot times , baggage belt, stand information), and externally (passenger gate information ). It is also used for billing and flight information purposes, as well as CAA Reporting. It is intended that the replacement Operational Database is extended to serve Harbours and replace their spreadsheets and Charts System which are used for billing and shipping information purposes

ACTION:As Project Manager / Consultant [ 1. ] Advised on Project Set-Up, including composition, initiation and governance [ 2. ] Guided consultation and engagement to inform User Requirements [ 3. ] Provided Project Oversight and Updates [ 4. ] Advised on procurement and contract risk [ 5. ] Advised on project risk

OUTCOME:The Ports Operational Database is ostensibly an infrastructure project. However through the guided consultation and engagement Ports were able to identify opportunities to streamline processes (saving costs) and create income opportunities by taking advantage of new opportunities to use data in a more commercial way.

TESTIMONY:Tim Rogers is the project manager for the replacement of Ports Operational Database. This is a key component of Jersey Ports, responsible for the management and co-ordination of boats, plans and passengers as well as information for the public, key partners and regulators. Tim’s role has been to lead the project supporting the user requirements and procurement phase. The project is on-going and due for completion in 2017. AM (2016)

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