Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story: Your review of 2017?

Reading Michael Lewis' The Undoing Project, there are some great lessons for all professionals, management and leadership. The examination of perception versus reality and the bias of personal experience over worldly fact is unnerving.

Too many decisions are based on flawed thinking, influenced by emotional circumstances with more effort spend on excuses (for errors) rather than pursuit of the truth.

The after the fact justification for failed prognosis or planning is prevalent even in expert professions including doctors and lawyers as well as those predicting elections or referendums. Subjective probability (A hunch of 60% chance of xxxx) is rife and undermines projects and change, management and leadership which are based on combination of Trust and Truth.

Given that most project and change efforts fail this is sobering and worthy of scrutiny as we reflect on 2017 and plan for 2018. How can we better anticipate error, omission or failing to better recruit support and ensure success?

The problem appears to be that stories based on feelings and scenarios are emotionally engaging and gather followers whereas facts demand too much effort. In the pursuit of eQ have we sacrificed iQ?



Tim Rogers is a Qualified Change Practitioner and PRINCE2 Project Manager, with an MBA in Management Consultancy. Past projects have included the incorporation of Ports of Jersey and Operations Change and Sales Support for RBSI and NatWest. He has also helped SME's streamline systems and scale-up operations and managed growth by acquisitions. He is a tutor/lecturer for the Chartered Management Institute.

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