Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Support growth of Tech Business (reviewing people, process, technology and product proposal) following significant investment.

ROLE:Project Director/Consultant

ISSUES:The organisation is a Jersey-based business selling medical billing software to GPs and Private Practices in the UK. Their challenge has been to scale-up the business from 100 clients to a target of 3000 within 36 months. This required a review of people,process and technology to maintain or reduce the cost base and significantly increase the productivity and pace, sufficient to meet growth and income targets.

ACTION:Working with team leaders we identified both the key processes and their ownership, andKPIs. This lead to some structural changes in reporting lines, roles and responsibilities. Through a series of workshops we standardised and streamlined key processes and improved procedures + documentation. Key areas of improvement included.. DEVELOPMENT–speed-up the development programme, rationalising the steps and brought clarity to the product road-map and priorities SALES –speed-up the sales process and improved the success rate by better use of data and scripts etc. TRAINING –reduced the training time and increased profitability by separating core from value-added services HELP/SUPPORT –rationalised the helpdesk and routed calls more effectively using better self-help, prioritisation and escalation DEPLOYMENT –improved the deployment time and improved the success rate by better use of version control and knowledge base FINANCE –improved cash flow and profitability by rationalising discounts and tightening contract terms and payment periods

OUTCOME:Ultimately it made sense not to sell from Jersey into UK but to licence the product. The product then called MediBooks [Link 1] is now called Egton Billing [Link 2] and is featured in Digital Jersey Case Studies [Link 3]Link1]Link2

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