Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Clear concise communications for colleagues, customers, the public and the media is critical at this time. However for many organization the carefully planned theory fails on execution because people simply are not used to home-working or the new tools or habits they need to employ.

Mike Tyson said Everyone has a plan, until they are hit in the mouth

When anyone has a choice of WhatsApp, Yammer, Email, Zoom, Hangouts, MS-Teams, Skype as well as all the usual platforms we risk confusion rather than communication. What is needed is clarity and simplicity.

People are used to looking at websites, social media, linked-in to find out information  notably about the latest Coronavirus and its impact on people, services and jobs. So organisations need to make sure that they have pre-prepared messages that go through the right (ideally rehearsed) channels that everyone is already familiar with.

If you are interested in a simple guide for Crisis Communications get in touch

Having a communications plan (What, When, How and Who)
Checklist preparing and sending  colleagues communication
Checklist preparing and sending  customers communication
Checklist preparing and sending  a media release
What tools work best for which audiences
Keeping in touch after everyones gone home.


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