Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Review of staff on-Boarding and Training to improve the experience and provide support for them to grow personally and professionally.

ROLE:Project Manager/Consultant

ISSUES:The organisation was going trough rapid growth. In the past people would arrive one-at-a-time and their documents and induction could be managed with a spreadsheet and a check-list. The more rapid recruitment, plus growth by acquisition meant that the oldprocesses where not scalable.

ACTION:Working with the organisation I looked at the step-by-step process and identified the key documents and actions on a time-line from interview, through vetting and contract to appointment and then at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and end-of-probation. We discussed the pros and cons of building a bespoke HR system to meet our needs. We also reviewed the option of buying a standard off-the-shelf HR system that could be quickly configured to suit our needs. The former meant directing internet resources to ostensibly reinvent-the-wheel whereas the latter presented a cost and the need to align our processes to fit the HR standards.

OUTCOME:The work done to establish the steps, documents, and reporting needs established the business requirements which ostensibly became the specification for delivery. The problem was seen as a process/technology issue and the solution was managed by developing bespoke in-house document automation for contracts and paperwork. The HR elements thatfall outside recruitment (e.g. appraisal, training, pay and rewards, records, GDPR & data protection ) have been identified and will be addressed in the future.

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