Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Support Small Businesses with guidance and tools for GDPR.

ROLE: My role as consultant was to advise, guide and support necessary changes for the organisation to be ready for and compliant with the new GDPR regulations.

ISSUES:General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR)} affects all organisations holding personal data. is a need to develop the policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure that people, process and technology all work together to keep personal dataprivate, safe and secure.

ACTION:Set-up a series of meetings to understand the business and support necessary actions to achieve GDPR compliance. Key Elements [1] Education and Awareness  [2] Data Mapping  [3] A Records Management & Retention  Policy  [4] Risk Assessment  [5] Subject access request  [6] Data beaches and reporting  [7] A Data Protection Policy  [8] An Information Security Policy  [9] Processor/Controller Agreements  [10] A Privacy Notice

OUTCOME:A series of tools, templates, training and guidance to safeguard data and help ensure compliance with the law.

I think yesterday went very well –in fact I think it is the best £70 we have spent for a while. The reason I say this is because you have given us some very practical pointers which we feel is relevant to our business –others have simply bamboozled us with high tech tools and tried to scare us into purchasing them Truusje Gamlin -Hollcameron

From the outset Tim's style, manner and pragmatic approach distinguished him from other consultants.For one, he was deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic and we had a real sense of being supported by someone with a clear focus on achieving our objectives.Tim was happy to adopt our chosen preference for one to one engagement and desire to address the detail of the practical implications.He was able to distil complex matters into readily understandable actions.Our lasting impression of Tim's work with us is one of ease of communication, total commitment and a reassuring knowledge of the subject matter. Stephen Eldred CommunitySavings

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