Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Translate the strategy into defined projects and change with monitoring to ensure delivery on-time, on-budget, to-specification.

ROLE:Project Manager/Consultant

ISSUES:The organisation was going through significant and rapid change which was not always scheduled, prioritised or co-ordinated. This had implications for time, cost, quality and resources with consequential impact on culture and morale.

ACTION:Met with management and leadership to discuss the merits of project and programme management and the pros and cons of having a PMO (programme management office) to log, manage, control, and report on initiatives across the business so as to offer transparency and clarity and aid the leadership in planning strategy and execution through projects. Created a project management handbook, plus guide and templates. Created a programme management handbook, plus guide and templates. Created a technology solution for managing and reporting on projects.

OUTCOME:Technology solution was a simple table of projects, resources, budgets and progress that was reported monthly via an intranet thereby offering a dashboard of business activity. The project management handbook, plus guide and templates and programme management handbook were essential to ISO & SOC accreditation and an important part of gaining control over projects & change for internal (for the organisation) and external (for their clients) projects

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