Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK:Rationalise IT helpdesk to make it more efficient and effective, providing faster and better solutions at less cost.

ROLE:Project Manager/Consultant

ISSUES:There was a misalignment between customer expectations, what the contracts say, the services provided, and what the helpdesk could actually provide. The helpdesk was often being used to provide on-demand training or advice which was beyond contract. Moreover the lack of a standard-product and standard-deployment, and supporting documentation and training meant that providing technical support was very difficult and frustrating. Often fixing one problem would create another. Customers were unclear of their role and responsibilities with the result that there was a lack of co-ordination and control over changes that would impact service delivery.

ACTION:My first step was to examine the helpdesk calls and understand the types of problems and impacted customers. My next step was to review contracts and prices to understand the services, standards, supplier and customer obligations. Next I looked at the IT system and helpdesk process to see if this flowed, so as to make it easy to support the client, product, service, issue and resolution. Then I looked at how the organisation deployed documentation and training to clients, which is essential to their proper use of the product and self-help. This culminated in a series of observations and recommendations, notably around the need to revise and update and standardise products, contracts, documentation and the approach to deployment, training and support.

OUTCOME:A more efficient helpdesk, with focus (streamlined products, less variety and confusion) better answers (better documentation & knowledge base) and less cost (avoid wasted time). A by-product was also the review of contracts and changes to deployed documentation and training for clients.

TESTIMONY:“Tim’s passion and commitment has helped drive through anumber of process improvements. He regularly seeks to challenge the norm, is innovative in his thinking and actively seeks to help others identify solutions to issues and problems across all business functions. Tim is a pleasure to work with and someone Itrust to deliver."

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