Sunday, 1 March 2020

Case Study Jersey Royal Consultation Project

The Farm Jersey consultation with the Jersey Royal Industry has really highlighted a number of challenging issues but it has also identified a significant number of possibilities and opportunities many of which cost nothing We greatly welcome this initiative and look forward to contributing to more like this in 2020
Tim Ward Sales  Distribution Director Albert Bartlett

Working with a broad range of stakeholders Tim Rogers of Solitaire Consulting worked with Farm Jersey and the Rural Economic Advisor to run a series of interviews and workshops These brought together a diverse group with a common passion to secure a future for the Industry The outputs included interview notes a review report and recommendations combining no-cost quick-wins and longer-term initiatives and programmes
The work was well received by the industry who both embraced the opportunity and provided positive feedback about the process

If you would like to see the full case study and feedback or are interested in facilitation consultation or running workshops get in touch

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