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The leaders I talked to displayed three key qualities: smartness, a high-level ability to model and conceptualize profound moral consciousness and persuasive advocacy to turn arguments in their favor.

Once the attention of the critical stakeholders has been won, effective persuasiveness involves seven steps: handling criticism positioning the argument managing expectations reworking the argument fostering a no-shame culture avoiding personal agendas and pet themes and zooming in, zooming out

The ability to zoom in and out of different cultures, contexts, and characters is key to the effectiveness of evidence-based leaders.

There are three aspects to this: zooming in and out of context; from big pictures to budgets—strategy to execution zooming in and out of cultures; regional or national culture to departmental culture zooming in and out of characters; learning in vivo, job title to individual personality.

Jim Collins, author of the 2001 bestseller Good to Great (and coauthor of the 1994 bestseller Built to Last), has championed something he calls Level 5 Leadership. The highest level in a hierarchy of executive capabilities, according to Collins, Level 5 is a potent blend of selflessness, humility, and iron will. Those who exhibit it are typically “quiet leaders” rather than the larger-than-life figures associated with transforming organizations.


The Success Formula: How Smart Leaders Deliver Outstanding Value
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