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TASK: To join Jersey Harbours and Jersey Airport into a combined organisation and incorporate so that it is an arm’s length business separate from the States of Jersey Government.ROLE:Project Manager/Consultant

ISSUES:Jersey Harbours and Jersey Airport were two separate organisations with obvious opportunities to combine and share resources. Furthermore as public sector organisations they lacked access to capital funding (alwaysa lower priority to schools, hospitals and police) and ability to realise commercial opportunities. It was recognised, but my no means wholly agreed, that there was merit in allowing the organisation to become commercial and ostensibly self-funding or indeed a net contributor to tax revenues.

ACTION:KEY ELEMENTS [1] Understand Strategy, Aims and Objectives, including past history, culture and States’ Report and Proposition [2] Set-up & manage project governance structure, Roles, Goals, Controls, Timetable and Budgets [3] Set-up & manage project reporting structure, Work-Stream Managers, Project Board, Incorporation Steering Group, Political Oversight Group [4] Set-up & manage Project Plan outlining Deliverables, Tasks, Owners, Funding [5] Set-up & manage work-streams: Property; Finance; IT Systems; People; Legislative and Regulatory Changes; Communications and Engagement [6] Set-up & manage Stakeholder and Communications Plan. List key people, issues and topics. Plan for timing, topics and methods of engagement.

OUTCOME:Delivery on time in 34 months against 36 month timetable. Delivery on budget in £1.67m against £1.78m budget. CEO Awarded IoD Director of the Year 2016 on the basis of this transformation project.


Chief Officer, Economic Development to Scrutiny Panel Sept 2013

Those 9 work streams are working alongside each other, but it is being worked under a signal project management structure and the incorporation project board meets once a month at least to review how all of that progress is doing and how it is all knitting together because there are dependencies that flow through those projects. So this has been managed as close to a big project, project management discipline as I have ever seen here. It has been ... this is what I would call a proper job in terms of project management. I think it will set a standard for the management to do some of the more complex projects right across Government. There are people at the top of it that are doing it who have pure project management expertise. It does not matter for them whether they are project managing building an incinerator, the new hospital or whatever, it is discipline that we have brought to bear on this project, because it is so complicated.

Chief Officer, to Chief Minister and Political Oversight Group

Tim Rogers completed the Incorporation Programme post implementation review, and attached is the final report closing down the project. The report demonstrates the project complexity, delivered and under budget, and huge success in achieving Incorporation of the Ports, something that many felt was unachievable when we started this journey

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