Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Support Care Home with guidance and tools for GDPR.

ROLE: My role as consultant was to advise, guide and support necessary changes for the organisation to be ready for and compliant with the new GDPR regulations.

ISSUES:General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR)} affects all organisations holding personal data. For a Care Home this includes staff, residents, family members, visitors and others including District Nurse, Curators etc. There is a need to develop the policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure that people, process and technology all work together to keep personal data (and especially medical/clinical data) private, safe and secure.

ACTION:Set-up a series of meetings to understand the business, the people, the processes and the data flows. Key steps [a] Meet the people and understand the business [b] Meet discuss, review and report on “Residents” [c] Meet discuss, review and report on “Finance and Admin” [d] Review and discuss the draft reports and agree a Final Report + Actions [e] Support the organisation with the necessary changes.

OUTCOME:A series of tools, templates, training and guidance to safeguard data and help ensure compliance with the law. Hopefully also learning, understanding and confidence in delivering great service and care to the Residents of the Care Home. This is essential to trust and support of staff, residents, family members etc.

TESTIMONY:Tim was good at spending time with the Care Home and being careful  to keep advice practical and simple and avoid over complicating the issues. He is passionate and really good at understanding all the issues and then being very careful about how these were presented back to the business. At each step he would check to make sure everyone was happy before moving on to the next step. He was also really encouraging to support rather than “take-over” which greatly helped. Richard Rolfe 2018

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