Sunday, 6 December 2020


In a recent coaching session a client talked about teams, membership, motivation and managing the perception of people inside and outside the team.

It is interesting to think about who is your "Team". Is it your peer-group of equals? Is it the people for whom your are the leader, manager, boss? Is it the community, club, clique, company, or profession to which you belong or identify?  Is the team vertical (includes those above and below in the hierarchy). This may be a simple answer, or you may find you have several relationships with different teams with similar or dissimilar aims, objectives and expectations.

What unites a team (goal, values, location, education, profession culture) also divides or separate it from others. So whatever we do to unite against a foe, enemy, rival may create an unhealthy simplification, conflict and personalisation against the other team(s) even within the same organisation.

We need to be wary of the cult in culture and focus teams upon the process and object (which we can change) rather than the personality and belief (which present moral or ethical issues). This is often a challenge of the conscious (thinking data, facts) over the unconscious (mind, experience, bias) and demands critical conversations within ourselves as much as with others.   

An interesting question is: Are you changing "things" to suit the community or the community to suit "things"?

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