Sunday, 17 May 2020


TASK: Set-up and manage an acquisition programme and post-acquisition integration tasks for IT business

ROLE:Project Manager/Consultant

ISSUES:Following an investmentof USD 20 million the organisation was seeking to grow by acquisition and the requirement was to set-up and manage a series of work-stream for the post-acquisition tasks including integration of people, process and technology.

ACTION:Set-up the project role, goals, controls and then co-ordinated and managed project execution for the following. LEGAL & REGULATORY; All legal, contractual work relating to acquisition / transfer of people, clients, suppliers, agreements, contracts, services. This to include necessary local and foreign regulatory issues (e.g. JCRA, Regulators etc.) HR AND STAFF; All HR related work including, contracts, handbook, on-boarding staff, culture, training, skills development, skills matrix SERVICES; All service related work to align with organisation, upload of contracts, products, services, pricing, helpdesk data, billing data, necessary documentation, guidance and training of staff on processes and technology FINANCE; All finance and accounting work including nominal ledges, etc., integrationof accounts, set-up of reports (incl regulatory reporting ) COMPLIANCE; All matters relating to ISMS, QMS, SOC, ISO etc., necessary to maintain "their" and "our" standards and to plan the integration and harmonisation over agreed timetable. MARKETING; Allmarketing including necessary branding (of premises, property, kit) and communication (to customers, suppliers, markets etc.) CULTURE COMMUNICATIONS; All matters relating to culture and communication for "them" and "us" (both will have to make changes) and how the organisation integrate and work together

OUTCOME:Using a common-sense approach to project (tasks) and change (people & process) management, successfully completed acquisitions in Channel Islands, Luxembourg and North America, with a clear road-map of tasks and responsibilities and were making progress in the right direction.


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